N2 Repair Machine of Piezo Nozzle and Common Rail Valve
N2 Repair Machine of Piezo Nozzle and Common Rail Valve - фото 1
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N2 Repair Machine of Piezo Nozzle and Common Rail Valve

1 300 $/штука
Условия поставки: CIP Тбилиси
Фиатов Геннадий
технический консультант
,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015


On the machine, it is possible to produce high-quality processing and grinding the seats for the needle in the spray gun housing.
The N2 allows you to work with maximum precision.
Power 36 Volts (It should be noted that the power supply is included).
Features of the machine:
- smooth adjustment of spindle speed;
- reliable installation and holding the perpendicularity of the lapping relative to the base surface of the part;
- there is a built-in indication designed to eliminate lapping;
- working laps are made independently, on the machine N1 (the manual for self-made lapping is attached to the machine N1);
Required equipment:
- set of lapping, with different grinding angles;
- 3 types of grinding pass (elbor, diamond, carbide-titanium).
Address - we will discuss, we will help online ( whatsapp, mail and others ).

Номер объявления: 1757951   |  просмотров: 102  
,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015
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