Resume from 24 December 2019

Manager in Tbilisi

I am looking for a job in Tbilisi, willing to relocate, lari 1,000
Mikheil Tumanov
Mikheil Tumanov 32 years old, Tbilisi, incomplete higher education
+995 592 18 XX XX

No work experience

Incomplete higher education

MESI, Tbilisi
IT, office programms
8 mo. Sep 2006 - May 2007


Georgian - fluent, Russian - fluent, Armenian - fluent, English - basic
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Nizharadze Mamuka
Full name hidden, 25 years old, Batumi  |  Higher education
any schedule
Work experience: 3 mo., Company representative, Logistic company, Batumi. 4 mo., ISR, Borusan Cat Georgia, Batumi. 11 mo., Billing operator, Energo-pro Georgia, Batumi. 3.5 years, Small business owner, LTD Georgian Block, Batumi. 4 mo., Intern Accountant, LTD Dinidevelopement, Batumi. Education: Storno Audit, Accountant, Batumi 2017 - 2017....
Nizharadze Mamuka
26 February 2020
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